Services are as follows:

A La Carte

These services/fees are are available without a grooming package. The (*) indicates services which are included in the grooming packages.

  • Ear Cleaning* $10
  • Ear Cleaning w/ Hair Removal* $15
  • Nail Polish On/Off $10
  • De-Matting per 1/2 hour $30
  • Teeth Brushing $10
  • Nail Clipping* $10
  • Nail Clipping with Dremel $15

Shed-Less Treatment

Price determined by size and breed

Using safe natural products and expert brushing and drying skills, we loosen undercoat and combat shedding by adding strength to the hair root. This achieves the proper moisture level leaving the skin and coat totally manageable, which dramatically reduces shedding.

Mobility Soak

Price determined by size and breed

A stimulating, energizing treatment with the perfect amount of peppermint & menthol for the skin to feel cool & refreshed; waking up sluggish skin. Peppermint oil is a natural antiseptic that has scientifically proven therapeutic properties. A favorite of senior pets!

Dry-skin Treatment

Price determined by size and breed

A mineral rich clay that promotes healthy cell regeneration which eases irritation related to itchy and scratchy skin. It also rejuvenates the essential lipid barrier.

Flea and Tick


Natural benefits of d-Limonene perfectly compliment your flea and tick regimen. Cuts through dirt and grease achieving a deep, gentle clean. Pesticide free.

De Matting

$30 per half hour

The Pooch Pawlor puts humanity before vanity and does not offer full body de matting. The use of top quality products, expert drying and brushing techniques do however allow us to save most coats and we will attempt to salvage what we can. We WILL NOT cause undue discomfort for any amount of money.

3 Step Dental


Oral care gel, enzymatic toothpaste, and our instant fresh foam use powerful ingredients that work at the micro level to dissolve plaque and tartar, destroy bad breath and defend against new formation.



Adding color is a fun way to express you and your pet’s personality. We can dye a Mohawk, tail, ears and more creating a unique look for that special occasion.

Nail Polish


A special treat for the pampered pet, a variety of colors are available for some extra foot flair.

Temporary Designs


We have various decorative stencil designs to create a fun way to add color and a fun design to your pets’ coat.

Feather Extensions


Adding style with feather extensions is the hottest new trend, original, colorful, handmade, one of a kind to add a splash of flair.

Bling Jewelry

Determined by chosen accessories

If your pet likes to be the center of attention, a little bling is sure to capture everyone’s attention! A simple but elegant way to add some glitter and shine.

Nail Grinding

With grooming package $8

Smooth those sharp edges down and get your pets nails as short as possible with our nail grinding service.

De Skunking


A safe and non-toxic treatment formulated to help eliminate the skunk odor from your pet. Please note: If your pet was sprayed in the face (nose and mouth areas) the skunk odor will remain noticeable to some degree and may take time for the odor to completely dissipate.

All The Pooch Pawlor Treatments come with:

  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming/filing
  • Anal gland expression
  • Fluff drying and brush out
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