About the Pooch Pawlor

The Pooch Pawlor is a full-service pet grooming salon located at 664 Humphrey St. in Swampscott MA. Our mission is to provide you with a clean, stress free atmosphere using safe natural products and innovative equipment to pamper your pooch in hopes of an enjoyable grooming experience.

About the owner

The Pooch Pawlor is owned and operated by Erin Ago. Erin has worked in the pet care industry for close to a decade, and has gained a wealth of knowledge pertaining to pet care, grooming, and overall pet health. She also continues to further her education, gaining knowledge on current trends and new styles to provide you with consistent, quality grooming. Erin is the proud owner of two adopted Pitbulls, Sookie and Shamus. Shamus and Sookie enjoy going to training classes and various dog sports. They are loved and adored by our family, friends, and staff!

Please note: Per the health department, proof of vaccinations are required before we can groom your pet.
Records can be brought in or emailed to: thepoochpawlorma@gmail.com

A La Carte

These services/fees are available without a grooming package. The (*) indicates services which are included in the grooming packages.

  • Ear Cleaning* $10
  • Ear Cleaning w/ Hair Removal* $15
  • Color Pop Services $35
  • De-Matting per 1/2 hour $30
  • Teeth Brushing $12
  • Nail Polish On/Off $10
  • Nail Clipping* $10
  • Nail Clipping with Dremel $15
  • Special Requests $TBA

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